Eternal SEO

We’re a world-class SEO agency.

Help search engines like Google discover your brand and deliver an invaluable wave of organic search traffic to grow your audience in ways you’ve never seen before. Take your organic prospects and convert them to customers at the highest rates in your industry.

SEO audits

The first step in understanding the search engine optimization you’ll need is to perform a deep audit. During this phase, we’ll look at everything from your website and its content to the things your competitors are doing to rank high on Google.

Keyword strategy

We’ll help you identify the keywords you and your products align with and need, the content you’re missing to rank for those keywords, and give you a roadmap for how you can improve your ranking for new and existing content.

Actionable SEO

Every step of the Eternal SEO process is designed around actionable items. The average website can need hundreds, if not thousands, of search engine optimizations. Your team will learn sustainable SEO as you go.

Preorder the book

Eternal SEO: Search Engine Optimization for a search-obsessed digital product manager is a best-practices guide for any person who wants to rank better on Google and other search engines. Coming in winter of 2023, the book is high-level enough for marketing managers to understand the impact of their website decisions and granular enough for a product manager, web producer, and engineer to find ways to grow their current SEO knowledge base.

Author Ben Garves presents everything he’s learned from over fifteen years leading SEO research and site optimization while working at and consulting for some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, SolarWinds, Bloomberg, eBay, and more.